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“Executives and leaders have responsibilities that present unique stressors. They carry the responsibility and extreme pressure of making real-time decisions that can potentially affect the positive or, in some cases, negative outcomes of many lives. Because of this, many turn to alcohol to deal with the emotional strain and anxiety of balancing a personal and work life, oblivious that an unhealthy relationship with alcohol perpetuates the very stressors they are trying to avoid.”

– Craig Francisco, Author of Lead Sober, The Path to Extraordinary Results.

 “A life-changing book. I made the same decision over six years ago and align with Craig’s powerful and compelling story. This is a must-read for all parents, leaders, and friends. Learn how to give up alcohol and change the trajectory of your life and your future.” - Justin Batt, Founder of Daddy Saturday  
“Real change begins with self-awareness, clarity of purpose, and the capability to blend grace and grit to actualize our potential. Giving us his story as a teacher, Craig Francisco is empowering us to do this work in our own life using this book as a practical roadmap. This work is a tremendous gift!” - Laura Juarez, Founder & Partner of 10X Leadership Lab

“This book offers a map that guides readers as they prepare for change, and then ultimately make the change they desire. Based on Craig’s journey to redefine his relationship with alcohol, The Path to Extraordinary Results is an exceptional program chock full of tools designed to help successful people check off boxes they didn’t even know were on the list.” - Annie Grace, Best Selling Author of This Naked Mind

“Lead Sober will make anyone stop and think about how they approach alcohol in their work and personal life. A great lens on the impacts of alcohol combined with real tactical solutions to making change not only around alcohol but creating change and achieving extraordinary results.” - David Burch, Business Banking Director for Huntington National Bank

From Craig Francisco:

On January 30, 2021, my morning began like most others except for one major difference, excruciating pain in my head. The result of a previous evening of ritual drinking. As I sat there struggling to lace my sneakers, dreading even the idea of a even a walk I thought, “What the heck is wrong with me?” 

At forty-eight years old, I was the President of a successful company, had been married to an extraordinary woman for nearly twenty-two years, and had two amazing kids. On paper, and to anyone looking in, I appeared to have it all, the pillar of success. 
Little did anyone know that lurking beneath my successful persona, I was in debt up to my eyeballs (to the tune of about $400,000) from several bad real estate investments and career decisions made years earlier. I felt anxious, and a deep depression was starting to settle in. My relationship with my family was average at best. I was not the present husband and father I wanted to be. My attention to my personal health and fitness was nonexistent, and as a result, I was overweight and lacked the necessary motivation to make a change. I felt stagnant both personally and professionally.

Numerous times, I wondered if alcohol was what was holding me back. But then I’d look at society and thought, “Crap! Everyone drinks, it’s just a social thing.” I justified drinking as a way to relax and unwind and viewed it as a reward for working long crazy hours. I actually believed that alcohol was helping me deal with my stress and anxiety, I didn’t realize it was causing it.

No matter how much I drank on occasion, I never saw myself as having an actual problem with alcohol. I believed that a true alcoholic was someone who couldn’t maintain a job. The man on the street in ratty clothes sleeping next to an empty bottle of Jack Daniels, not me.

As I sat in my chair in front of the fireplace, head pounding I thought, “This is BS!” Enough is enough. My body hurts constantly, and I don’t like the reflection I see in the mirror!” 

Everything I had felt for so long was now gushing into every fiber of my being. I knew something had to change, and that something was me. I had always wanted to help people and make a difference in the world and realized this would never be possible nursing a hangover the size of Kentucky. 

At that exact moment, one thing became abundantly clear, in order to get back on a positive trajectory, I had to change my relationship with alcohol.

I stood up, took two Tylenol for my headache, and made the decision never to touch alcohol again. I haven’t had a sip since. 

When I started on this sober-curious journey, I truly felt like I was the only one on the path. There were no guidebooks, groups, or resources to guide executives like me on a path to sobriety. I knew I was not the only executive who couldn’t have one drink without it turning into five. I knew that drinking was not only an issue but the issue that was preventing me and other financially successful high achievers from reaching their maximum potential.

The lack of resources was my catalyst for creating Lead Sober and The Path to Extraordinary Results™ and fueled my intention to become a resource for other executives who want to lead with authenticity and clarity.

This comprehensive book is a culmination of research, experience, and real-life success. It will help you break through old habits and change limiting beliefs to no-limit achievements and I can’t wait to share it with you!

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